Saturday December 5th (CST)
* Open microphone is a period for questions from the viewers.
DAY ONE (SATURDAY 5 December 2020) CST
08:00AM Kelley Watt Sandy Hook: A Mass Illusion
09:00AM Stephanie Sledge Surprising Aspects of Sandy Hook
10:00AM Tony Mead Satanic Pedophilia in Elite Society
11:00AM Alison (Sunny) Maynard, J.D. Judicial Corruption and Abusing the Law
12:00PM Open Mic  
01:00PM Kevin Barrett, Ph.D. The War on Conspiracy Theories
02:00PM Art Olivier The 9/11 Masonic Ley Line: What Hit the Twin Towers?
03:00PM Joe Olson 9/11: Where Did The Towers Go?
04:00PM Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. Deception Galore: Hate Crimes and More
06:00PM Open Mic  
07:00PM Dr. Katherine Horton 5G & Directed Energy: The TI ("Targeted Individuals") Pandemic Keynote #1
08:00PM Deana Pollard Sacks, J.D. Godfathers of Sex Abuse: Cosby, Epstein & Weinstein Keynote #2
09:00PM Scott Bennett, ABD Grand Theft Election & the 14th Amendment
10:00PM Open Mic Questions & Comments
Sunday December 6th (CST)
* Open microphone is a period for questions from the viewers.
DAY TWO (SUNDAY 6 December 2020) CST
08:00AM Gary King Boston Marathon Bombing: BOSTON STRONG
09:00AM Mona Alexis Pressley Las Vegas: The Movie
10:00AM Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D. Covid-19: The Great Coronavirus Hoax
11:00AM Giuseppe Vafanculo The Codid-19 Hoax and the Great Reset
12:00PM Open Mic  
01:00PM Dave Gahary The Hazards of Publishing Truth
02:00PM Ralph Cinque, D.C. JFK: Did Jack Ruby Shoot Lee Oswald on TV?
03:00PM David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D. JFK: How Many Times & Where was JFK Hit?
04:00PM Larry Rivera JFK: Was Lee actually in the TSBD Doorway?
05:00PM Mike Palecek Freedom of the Press: What We Aren't Told
06:00PM Open Mic  
07:00PM Sarah Westall The 1st Amendment: Where has it Gone? Keynote #4
08:00PM Ole Dammegard False Flags and Conspiracies Galore Keynote #5
09:00PM Mark Anderson What Does All This Mean? Keynote #6
10:00PM Open Mic. Questions & Comments

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